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Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Click a question below to view the answer or ask a question using our live chat in the bottom right of the screen:

  • How does payment work?
  • What is a breakage deposit?
  • What is the cancellation policy?
  • Do i need a 4x4?
  • Do i require a visa for Mozambique and/or Zanzibar?
  • Do i require a yellow fever injection for Zanzibar?
  • Is Mozambique a malaria area?
  • Is Zanzibar a malaria area?
  • What are the requirements for traveling with children?
  • How long must my passport be valid for?
  • Can i take my pet with to Mozambique?
  • What may i and may i not take through the Mozambique border and what are the border procedures?
  • What car papers do i require when crossing the Mozambique border?
  • What do i do if i dont make the Mozambique border on time?
  • What time does the border open and close?
  • Can i drive to Zanzibar?
  • Can i climb Kilamanjaro while visiting Zanzibar?
  • Are there any cultural taboos in Zanzibar?
  • Can i take a jetski or boat with me to Mozambique?
  • Are coconut trees dangerous?
  • Can i drink the tap water in Mozambique and Zanzibar?
  • What do i do if the police stop me in Mozambique?
  • What is the accepted currency in Mozambique?
  • Is it safe to drive in Mozambique at night?
A 50% deposit is to be paid within 48 hours of a guest receiving an invoice. The remainder 50% is paid one month before arrival date.
A breakage deposit is an amount paid 1 month before your arrival date and is refunded within 2 weeks of your departure date. The breakage deposit is refunded less any items that where broken or went missing during your stay. If nothing is broken or missing then your full breakage deposit is refunded back to you.
A 50% deposit is to be paid to secure a booking of which 25% of the invoice total is non refundable. Cancellations made 30 days before arrival date a 100% cancellation fee will be charged. Cancellations made within 14 days before arrival date a 100% cancellation fee will be charged.
Some areas in Mozambique are not accessible with a normal vehicle, however transfers are available and there are secure parking areas to park your vehicle. Please enquire with your agent as to wether the area you are going on holiday requires a 4x4 vehicle or not.
If you have a South African passport then you dont need a Visa to enter Mozambique or Zanzibar. However if you have any other nationality passport a Visa is required.
You dont need a yellow fever injection to go to Zanzibar, as long as in the last 6 months you have not visited a yellow fever country.
All areas south of Maputo are a low risk malaria area, please take note that low risk does not no risk. The further north of Maputo you travel the higher the malaria risk becomes. GoBundu is not allowed to advise on whether or not prophylactics must be taken, you need to speak to your Doctor.
Yes Zanzibar is a malaria area, not as prolific as Mozambique, but you need to speak to your Doctor for advise on whether or not to take prophylactics.
Children under the age of 18 must have an Unabridged Birth certificate as well as a passport that is valid for 6 months after your departure date and have 2 blank pages at the back of the passport. Children not accompanied by their parents must have an Unabridged Birth certificate, a passport valid for 6 months after your departure date and 2 blank pages at the back of the passport as well as a letter of permission signed by both parents and certified giving the relevant adults permission to take the child accross a border.
Your passport must be valid for 6 months after your departure date and must have 2 blank pages at the back.
To take a pet from South Africa into Mozambique the pet has to have certain injections done as well as a letter from the state vet of South Africa and the state vet of Mozambique giving permission for the pet to cross the border. When coming back into South Africa the pet will have to go into 3 months quarantine at Onderstepoort. GoBundu advice is to not take your pet with you to Mozambique.

No individual is allowed to import or export firearm(s) without a permit.

Travelers should ensure that they declare all goods in their possession with all necessary documentation such as invoices or proof of purchase. All imported second-¬‐hand clothing entering the country needs to be accompanied by a permit from DTI (Department of Trade & Industry) – SARS Customs. * All valuable items such as motorbikes, cameras and laptops are to be declared at Customs – SARS Customs. These items should also be securely stored

No agricultural and animal products including live animals even for personal consumption are allowed to enter the country (RSA) without a permit. Such goods will be detained if permits are not available – Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF). All corpses (bodies of deceased persons) need permit to enter the country – Mpumalanga Department of Health & Social Services – (MDOH & SS)

Travelers going abroad or coming into the country are only allowed to bring medicine which will last for 30 days if they are in possession of thedoctor’s prescription – MDOH & SS. People travelling to and from yellow fever countries (e.g. Angola, Congo, Nigeria, etc) must be in possession of a yellow fever certificate – MDOH & SS (INNOCULATION) All RSA permit holders (work or study) are no longer allowed to claim a VAT refund when they export goods. They can only claim on expiry of their permit within 90 days period before their final departure from RSA – VAT Refund Administrators (VRA).

Revenue or fees to be paid at Ressano Garcia POE (Mozambique side) when entering. Customs Fees– Non-¬‐Mozambicans pay R10.00road tax for the vehicle. Goods entering Moz are liable for duties / taxes depending on the quantity and quality thereof. Vehicle Insurance– Motorbike

R80.00, Vehicle R150.00, Vehicle pulling a trailer or Caravan R230.00,Trucks or any vehicle carrying commercial goods R200.00and trucks or any vehicle pulling a trailer carrying commercial goods R300.

Rands and Meticals are accepted for payment of the aboveservices. download the Alfandega Notice on the Fiscal Allowances andExemption to Travelers

Petrol/Diesel is EXPENSIVE @ around R20 / Litre for petrol!!So FILL UP before in South Africa. Even if you have to pay import duty that will still be cheaper.

Traveller's allowances
Individual duty free fiscal allowances are granted monthly in respect of goods imported by travelers which are intended for personal of family use.

Tobacco products *200 cigarettes OR 100 cigarrilos OR 50 cigars OR 250 grams of smoking tobacco

Alcoholic drinks *1 liter of spirits AND 2,25 liters of wine

Perfumes 50ml perfumes OR 250ml of toilet water

Pharmaceutical products Quantity considered reasonable for personal consumption

Other goods Up to a value of 5000 meticais (or equivalent)

The allowances market do not apply to persons under 18 years of age

Drivers of South African-registered cars crossing the country’s borders must carry and present a certified copy of vehicle registration/vehicle license papers at the border gate. If it is still under finance, a certified letter from the bank giving authorization to take it across the border is also compulsory. Make sure it indicates dates of travel.

Both the bank letter and license papers should be signed by a commissioner of oaths. If the driver of the vehicle is not the owner, an affidavit from the police giving authorization from the financial institution/owner to take it abroad is required. If the car is rented, the driver must have a letter from the rental company.

Don’t forget that all the same rules apply to trailers, jet skis, boats and any other mode of transport that requires registration. It is also vital to make sure that you have medical cover when crossing any border and when entering Mozambique, you will have to buy third-party insurance. This is available at the border.

Contact your agent immediately if you arent going to make the border so that alternative overnight accommodation can be arranged for you.
Kosi Bay border is open from 8am to 5pm daily.
Komatipoort border is open from 6am to 10:30pm daily.
Zanzibar is an island and is not accessible by car.
Because its predominantly an islamic country when you go into the town dont wear mini skirts or strapless tops. Its frowned upon.Public affection is aslo frowned upon between the same sex.
Most resorts and estates allow this, but it it is resort and/or area specific. Please enquire with your agent.
Avoid resting underneath a coconut tree. An average of 150 people die yearly, worldwide from coconuts falling on their heads. This is 30 times more than shark related deaths.
No. Bottled water can be bought or you can take your own drinking water with to Mozambique.
Click on this link and join the MozInfo facebook page for the latest detailed step by step instructions and other useful information https://www.facebook.com/groups/mozinfogroup
Rands are accepted throughout Mozambique.If you draw Meticais cash in Mozambique ensure you draw just what you require as you cant exchange Meticais for Rands
No. If you go up north theres no streetlights and alot of the areas are not fenced so the animals roam freely.